The farmhouse San Martino, provides you with 5 bedrooms to spend unforgettable days immersed in the greenery and tranquility of our hills. You can relax by the pool, sipping a glass of wine heated by a delicious sunset or admiring the golden vineyards in autumn. To make your stay even more enjoyable, and leave an indelible memory in your mind, a careful study has been carried out on the chromaticity and furnishing of the rooms, so that crossing the threshold you can enter a new world. In every room it is linked to a different territorial theme, it is also possible to book the stay in a specific room if you are particularly impressed. All rooms are equipped with independent toilets and television, those particularly exposed to solar radiation are air-conditioned.

Regina di Cuori – Queen of Hearts


La Rosa Blu – The Blue rose


Prato Fiorito – Flowery Meadow


Nebbia d’Autunno – Autumn’s Fog


Mimin – Mimin